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Clean, Healthy Eating is Just a Click Away Dubai and Abu Dabi

This Dubai-based start-up offers alternative - and healthy - food delivery options for Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents.

Committing to "healthy eating" habits shouldn’t be a struggle in itself. The lack of time to cook, the limited take-out options, and the far too long delivery times make it virtually impossible to access healthy food choices for the average, working individual on the go. For these reasons and more, developing a user-friendly clean eating app. Was a much-needed step for residents of Mena and beyond.

Eat Clean is a UAE-based start-up founded by Elsy Azzam and Bassil Dibs with the goal to “simplify health”. The innovative app allows users to order from over 500 healthy food options in Dubai, seek advice from nutritionists, and browse through clean food recipes.

How Did It All Start?

The founders told The National that their idea came out of pure frustration. They wanted to combine healthy eating and interesting, fun food choices. So, they decided to connect restaurants with healthy food seekers. Eat Clean allows users to order from multiple restaurants at the same time. A feature that is not available elsewhere.

How it works

Eat Clean asks you to put your location details, the type of meals you’re looking for (breakfast, snack, wrap, smoothie) along with listing your dietary needs if any (vegan, gluten-free, organic). Upon registration, Eat Clean also recommends a daily calorie intake based upon your needs. Along with other health tips and resources.

Orders arrive within the hour from time of payment. The only exceptions are detox plans or bakeries which require a lead time. The app is backed by a call center to answer consumers’ inquiries and follow up on tracking time.

All You Need to Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Clean is an all-inclusive platform partnering with Beyond Nutrition, a leader in nutrition advice in the UAE. Beyond Nutrition is specialized in individual and business services as well as corporate wellness across the country.

Having Beyond Nutrition is a definite advantage in your healthy eating journey; whether your end goal is to lose weight, tone and build muscles, manage health conditions or even eat vegetarian or vegan. Getting in touch with the UAE’s top dietitians and nutritionists is a definite shortcut to achieving great results.

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