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Bill Gates' TerraPower Must find New Partner for Nuclear Reactor Project .

The Company has suffered a setback in its ambitions to build a prototype nuclear reactor in China due to new U.S restrictions placed on such deals.

Courtesy: Business Insider

A recent change in rules governing U.S-China trade deals threatens to derails plans to build and power a new Nuclear reactor in China. TerraPower LLC, an Alternative Energy startup co-founded by Bill Gates had plans to build the first of its kind clean energy nuclear reactor in China.

In 2017, TerraPower reached an agreement with China Nuclear Corp., a State-owned entity, to construct a prototype Nuclear reactor south of Beijing. A deal that will most likely not be fulfilled, according to Gates, due to recent rule changes.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, TerraPower was started to explore alternative energy sources. This particular project sought to use depleted Uranium as an energy source to power nuclear reactors. A system designed to improve safety and reduce cost, according to company officials.

The U.S Department of Energy recently, in keeping with the Trump Administration's trade dispute with the U.S Competitor, announced new restrictions on nuclear arrangements of this kind in China. The new rules also immensely limit China's access to U.S-made technologies deemed to have national security implications.

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