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Best Apps for Salespeople ( The three I can't live without )

It is very difficult to build a successful business without dedicating time and money to build a robust sales operation.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur/businessperson or just starting your first company, I am sure you are keenly aware of the importance of growth and how critical it will be for the ultimate success of your venture to consistently acquire new ( paying ) customers.

As you probably already know, sales, scratch that. "Direct sales" - as unsexy as the topic may be, is the least expensive way to introduce your product or service to prospective customers.

In all honesty, it is very difficult to build a successful business without dedicating time and money to build a robust sales operation. A strong sales department, as it were, beget new customers, paving the way for revenue growth.

After all, a lack of revenue growth is the number two reason why most Entrepreneurs fail it business. Now, don't get me wrong, "Sales operation," in this case can also be just you in your home office dialing your little heart out. La venta es muy importante.

Once you decide to take direct sales, as a function of your business, seriously, there are various tools out there that can make the process of contacting, and converting new customers, a whole lot easier.

These are three of my absolute favorite ones:

1. Callhub

Callhub is one of those apps that seem super complicated at first, but once you figure it out, you wonder how you ever lived without it. The great thing about the app ( If cold calling is your thing) is that it allows you to set up various kinds of calling campaigns without the need to purchase additional software subscriptions. You can run both outbound and inbound campaigns at the same time. The app is perfect for remote sales teams.

1. Clearbit

Clearbit is perfect for Sales professionals who deal with or sell to other business people. The app is great for emails addresses of professionals at other firms. The app's smooth interface allows you to search for email addresses and send out emails without leaving your inbox.

3. Recapped

Recapped lets sales reps easily create professional deal pages that impress their prospects, guide them through the sales cycle, and track their engagement. This makes it easy to drive deals forward by having everyone and everything on a single page, with clear next steps and action items.

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