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Basics of SEO: What is SEO and How it Works

A beginner's guide on how to do search engine optimization. A brief look at some search engine optimization techniques and why SEO matters.

This article will serve as a quick reference guide to the somewhat confusing world of Search engine optimization ( SEO). The term essentially refers to a bunch of techniques used to make your website more accessible to search engines like Google and Microsoft's Bing. Successful SEO is critical to the long-term viability of any online business.

When done correctly, optimizing your site will lead to a significant increase in traffic over a long period of time. Thus facilitating an increase in sales or ad revenue.

Choosing effective keywords

Deliberate selection of appropriate keywords for your website/landing pages is one of the most important aspects of any sound SEO strategy. Any beginner can get an idea of which keywords will work for their site by using some of the many keyword research tools out there. The raining champ of keyword tools is still, in my opinion, the Google keyword tool.

You will be able to enter a few specific keywords to get an idea of which are popular with folks looking for your product or services and which have the most to least amount of competition. The Google keyword tool also allows you to do a little spying on the competition by typing in their URL to see which keywords they are using.

Choosing A Domain name That works

Although not necessarily true for all types of businesses, it helps when your chosen domain name contains one or more of your primary keywords. Your selected keywords should also be used in your page Meta titles and web page descriptions.

Your content, whether written or video, should contain keywords at the rate of 3-4%. Employing these tactics will increase your chances of visibility on the major search engines.

Why content is important in SEO?

Another of the basics of SEO is quality content, content will be the articles, videos, and other items you infuse in your website. You must update your content frequently, if you do not change content the search engine bots will penalize your site and lower your rankings.

When it comes to content, headers, sub-headers, Meta tags, and even the tags on videos need to have one of your keywords included.

These are the basics of SEO, there is more to learn, but there are many places to get the information you need. Do not be overwhelmed, there is a lot of software, and people that can help you with your SEO goals.

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