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AstroSpaces launches as a unique safe space for true crypto enthusiasts

The project is an ambitious effort by Jonathan Stoker. One that has already captured the attention of industry watchers. Myself included.

A new social media platform for crypto insiders (developers and investors) has launched. Astrospaces takes its name from the (proverbial) lunar aspirations of most crypto investors. "To the moon!" as they often say in this space.

The project is an ambitious effort by Jonathan Stoker. One that has already captured the attention of industry watchers. Myself included.

A Convoluted world

The crypto world, as most folks know, is one marred by systemic issues caused by extreme speculation and high volatility.

A crowded universe filled with thousands of projects that seem to be launched by folks who have no real intentions to build a business with long-term value. Folks who simply want to 100x "their bag." Again, as they say.

The space has seen quite a bit of a downturn in the past couple of weeks and as a result, many investors I talk to are starting to reconsider and rework their investment strategies. The eMax case, for example, is just one of the many adverse outcomes of a growing movement of tokens that are introduced to the market as nothing more than get-rich-quick gimmicks.

Projects that do nothing more than transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, from everyday folks to a small group of insiders and deep-pocketed (whales). Tokens based on projects that have zero real-world value.

Token with utility

This is where Astrospaces presents a unique opportunity to token holders. I am no investment adviser and my words should not be taken as any form of financial advice. I am merely sharing my thoughts on the long-term viability of Astrospaces ($SPACES) as a real contender in this crowded, often confusing segment of the general market.

One that can be mentioned along with projects like Polygon and Solana. For starters, the platform presents token holders with a real opportunity to earn passive income. This is made possible by the fact that holders of the $SPACES token get a portion of the revenue generated by the platform.

Though this is not a unique feature, unlike other coins where revenue is mainly generated from others buying and selling the token, Astrospaces generates its revenue as a result of real-world transactions executed on the app.

Project owners and other crypto entrepreneurs pay for various promotional features using the $SPACES token.

The platform will eventually serve as the main launchpad for new crypto projects, helping to introduce crypto investors to newer, promising projects, and to also provide a space for said investors to connect with one another.

The platform also offers various other features such as ways to seamlessly track one's crypto portfolio, get the latest crypto news, and many more.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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