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Amazon to Launch New Grocery Chain Aside from Whole Foods

The online retail Giant is rumored to be working on a new Grocery store concept, set to launch in major U.S cities

The Amazon Go storefront. Inside, you won't see a single cashier, cash register, or self-service checkout stand.

It would appear that Amazon is planning to go even further into the highly-competitive world of grocery retail. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is about to launch a new grocery store brand.

So far, the company has signed three leases with the stores based in Los Angeles that might open later on this year, the Journal mentioned. Other stores might appear in cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC., and Seattle.

These stores are going to vary from Whole Foods by having a bigger choice of products. However, it is unknown whether the stores will be carrying the Amazon name or not. Whole Foods is currently limited in the types of products it offers to customers due to the commitment to natural ingredients and quality standards.

The Amazon stores will possibly offer products from big known brands, making it a serious competitor to the likes of Target, Walmart, and other large chains. The report mentioned that the approximate size of such stores is going to be around 35,000 square feet, which is less than the size of a usual grocery store.

It certainly seems like Amazon is moving towards the physical world by further developing Amazon 5 star, Amazon Go, and other pop-ups in the US.

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