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9 Reasons to Start Your Own Business Today

For any aspiring entrepreneur looking to quit their day job and start their own small business, here are nine good reasons to get started today.

Some among us are natural entrepreneurs. All they have ever wanted is to own their own business.

Not just any business, but one that was started by them. They will stop at nothing to launch their own firm. They are full of passion and determination.

For the rest of us, starting a business is a frightening proposition. One that we wish for, but are almost certain will not happen for us. It is true that success is not guaranteed when you launch a business, but I ask that you consider These 9 awesome benefits of owning your own business.

1. Extra time with loved ones.

In my opinion this is probably the best reason to start a business today. I started a small consulting firm with my wife 5 years ago. Although it was rough at first, and sometimes still is, I really enjoy the fact that I spend all day everyday with the love of my life. We celebrate the good times together and have each other's backs when things get tough. This is a very rewarding aspect of business ownership, for me.

2. Money

It goes without saying that most of us go into business because we want to become wealthy. Business ownership is actually one of the top ways to become a millionaire or billionaire, once you get past the tough startup stages of course.

3. Be your own boss

Make your own rules as you see fit. No annoying bosses to deal with.

4. Create your own vibe

Set the mood at your own firm. Will it be business casual or T-shirts and jeans? You get to pick the dress code and overall tone when you own the company.

5. Create opportunity for others

Help grow the economy with new employment opportunities. Help other provide for their families as you provide for yours.

6. Favorable Tax Rates.

Write off your large business expenses.  As an entrepreneur, you get favorable tax rates and even get some curated tax benefits if you run your business out of your home.

7. New experiences

As a business owner / Entrepreneur, you get to meet different people every day.  You will be in a unique position to experience different cultures and social circles. This is great if you are a “People person”.

8. Gain recognition

Start building a reputation for yourself and establish your business and personal brand.

9. Build your legacy

Think about it. A good portion of the people we remember today, even after they have been dead for a long time are Entrepreneurs. Think John D. Rockefeller, Madam C. J. Walker. See where I am going with this?

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