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6 Surefire Business Survival Strategies

A quick rundown of survival strategies for your startup or small business

You might think running a business is a walk in the park. While this is true during good economic times, tough times, however, can knock you off your feet, making you feel like quitting. Change in technology can significantly reduce your sales, which in turn leads to a reduction in profits. A sluggish economy can also negatively affect your business. 

While it is possible to blame the economy for the poor performance of your business, this will not make things any better. Action, however, will help you up on your feet once such challenges mentioned above hit you.

Here, I have discussed six strategies that you can always apply to ensure your business is always on track no matter the challenges.


I am sure you have heard more than enough times that “the customer is always right.” This statement is just as it is; your client is your employer. You, therefore, need to make the effort of ensuring that they are satisfied with your services.

Invest in efforts to build a connection between your customers on your company, overall. The personal connection you create with your clients gives you an opportunity to understand them and their needs better.

It also gives them a feeling that you care more about them and not just their money. It takes people to buy people, this personal relationship with your customers will prompt them to introduce their friends to your business.

Embrace Technology

Advancement in technology is happening at such a speed that you need to be on your heels to keep up with the changes. Many companies are adopting technological changes to ensure they remain relevant. You too need to be on track with these changes.

Separating technology, business and online marketing aren't simple. Make use of the power of online marketing to reach more clients and ensure you are on top of your competition.

Exploring new markets should be among your expansion strategies. Through a close connection with your customers, you will also understand other products and services that they may require. Assess the information you gather and your abilities to put it into the book before applying. 

Be a Risk Taker

You cannot survive in any business if you are not a risk taker. And the fact that you already started running that business, means you are a risk taker to some extent. Once your business stabilizes start looking for new markets, try different brands and new products. 

You, however, need to assess every risk carefully before implementing. Know the impacts every risk you take will have on your business as well as the potential it will bring. 

Know and your Competitors

Understanding your competitors are one of the best ways to learn your business environment. They are your rivals, yes, but try gathering as much information about their strategies as you can.  

When this might be a hard nut to crack, it will be very helpful in improving your methods. Use your good relationship with your customers to have them gather information on your behalf.

Every action you take on your business will have somehow pose an effect. Just ensure that it is a positive impact. In case it ends up having adverse consequences, try to have an exit or come-back plan. Business as a whole is a risk, and only the strong, positive-minded, and the determined make it in this line.