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5 Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job Right Out Of College

College life is probably the most captivating time of one's school life

College life is probably the most captivating time of one's school life. At this juncture, the mind is set on the idea that you will be joining the  working class after graduation. Despite the overwhelming feeling, you are also worried about how long it will take to find work in your chosen field. It is okay to worry, but don’t let that make you lose focus. 

Creating a network and proving your credibility are two powerful weapons that you will need to possess. Luckily for us, we live in a digital era where achieving the two is a walk in the park. Discussed below are some of the things that might help land you a job after college. 

Create a Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is an adamant networking platform. You can connect with many professionals on the site. Even if you have no experience, just state your education, certifications, and any other relevant strengths. Connect with experts in your area of specialization. Doing this, not only helps get any job alerts they post, but you also learn any valuable information  disseminated about your industry. 

Gather your Confidence and Get out There

One mistake that many people make is waiting until they graduate to start looking for a job. Doing this will only mean a few more months trekking up and down dropping your papers. Be confidence enough that you have what employers are looking for even before the results are out. Your C.A.T results should be proof enough that you know what you were doing in school. 

Avoid a Social Media faux pas

Never assume what you post on social media is private. In a perfect world, it would, but unfortunately, our world isn’t perfect. If you post photos drinking with friends and post all kinds of stuff, you are not the only one who will see them. Your posts are prone to be seen by strangers, and that stranger might be a potential employer. This will hurt any chances at a "good" first impression.

Make Use of Social Media

Yes, while being careful about your Facebook posts, also be sure to check out what others are posting. I remember I got my first job after applying to a vacancy that a friend had shared. At that time I had not even graduated. But when they called me for an interview, I didn’t hesitate or feel held back by the fact that the results were not out. If I nailed it via social media, you too can.

Think Beyond the Internet

I know this may sound hard, considering the web has become a solution to almost every problem. But if you want to land that dream job, you need to do something out of the ordinary. Suit up and neatly put your documents in a leather portfolio and walk into a company or business like a professional. Tell them to give you a job. Chances are, they will fill in your application and possibly hire you because you have shown to be a bold person. No one does that these days. And every company/business wants to be associated with individuals who think beyond the obvious.

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