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5 Tips to Gain Your First 100K Instagram Followers

Reach a billion plus people worldwide

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, worldwide. As an entrepreneur, you can reach vast amounts of potential business partners, prospective customers, Advisers, collaborators, etc.

The idea of having 100k+ followers on Instagram may seem daunting, especially when starting out.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms out there today, only second to Facebook. You can reach an incredibly wide variety of people on Instagram, which is why building a sizable audience/followers should be a top priority for any entrepreneur.

I have seen various individuals, as well as businesses, quickly build huge followings on Instagram. I gathered some tips from some of these "Instagram stars" and put together a list of

5 tips that will help you build a large following on Instagram.

1. Post at the best times for your audience.

Now here, I do appreciate the difficulty in getting this one right since your audience may be scattered across different time zones. I would ask that you research to find out where most of your followers are located and use that information as a guide. 

Studies have shown that most people checkout funny memes around bedtime. Another time proven to be great for folks to check out your posts is around 7 am when they wake up. I always post content to coincide with best times across all time zones.

2. Make your content shareable. 

First rule here is that your content is appropriate for all ages. Resist the need to share content that is meant to shock or offend, unless that is what you are going for. Generate memes that are pleasing to the eye and can instantly spark an interest.

3. Brand all original content

Watermarking all original content will allow you to get credit when people share them. Create a Watermark that is legible but not annoying. 

4. Make Use of the Geotag feature. 

You can Geotag your photos so the relevant people see your posts. For example, when you post a meme about burgers, tag the nearest burger joint. That way people who are nearby and search that geotag will see your meme, like it and follow you.

5. Use Relevant hashtags

Hashtags have recently become very valuable in the Instagram universe. Find relevant hashtage for your target audience. The most popular ones will gain traction in a matter of seconds. You are allowed 30 hashtags per post and I strongly recommend you use all 30 in each post. Find the best ones for your group, save them so you can just copy and past in every post. 

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