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5 Science-Based Ways To Improve Your Memory

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

If you are on a mission to greatly improve your memory and overall cognitive functions, try these proven methods.

A healthy diet and exercise could contribute to the overall improvement of your general health, both mental and physical. However there are certain specific activities you can carry out to help improve your memory, specifically, your information recall abilities.

Here 5 ways you can try to improve your memory.

1. Retrieval

This is a great way to work on your memory recall. Practice remembering the information or skill you have acquired. After you have read a piece of information, shut your eyes and try to remember and recite what you just read. This activity not only helps you improve your recall, but also strengthens the neural pathways commonly associated with concept.

2. Reflection

Not only does reflection help improve memory and recall functions, it also aids in the improvement of the brain's ability to correct errors in the way you remember things. You know how some people only remember the bad or good things about past relationships? Reflection helps you remember how things really were.

3. Mnemonics

Mnemonics are phrases and sentences meant to jolt your memory. They include acronyms, such as “My very eyes may just see under nine planets”

Mnemonics can also take the form of images and visuals that trigger memories.

4. Calibration

This is a device designed to drive interest in knowledge. One must be resigned to the idea that one needs to know a piece of information to be motivated to go out and get this data. Calibration is an essential component  of the learning process. Methods of calibrating include seeking out feedback, and taking tests.

5. Generation

This method can be characterized as the “Thinking out loud” method. You can greatly improve your recall and overall brain function via this device. Reconstructing a problem from things first principles enables you to recall them more effectively.