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5 Proven Tips to Be Happier at Work

Unhappy workers outnumber happy ones 2 to 1.

A  “State of the Global Workplace” poll by Gallup showed that unhappy workers outnumbered happy ones 2 to 1. The study surveyed about 180 million employees from 140 countries and found that only 13% of employees around the globe are happy and optimistic about their work. 

The Average person spends a significant amount of their day at work. Approximately 8.8 hours per day and 9000 hours per year. 

I am sure you do not need statistical data to know that many people are unhappy at work. Perhaps you are one of these individuals who gets a sinking feeling whenever they have to go into work. 

Unfortunately, not many people enjoy their jobs; they only do it because they have bills to pay. 

Try these 5 tactics that will help make you happier at work.

1. Find a Work buddy

Multiple studies have shown that if you connect with someone at work you truly enjoy being around, you become more productive and really engaged in the mission of the overall company. You tend to look forward to going to work. Be sure to find a friend who enjoys the work and is usually positive. 

Stay away from Debbie Downers as they will just amplify the negative feelings you might already have about the job.

2. Save the drama for your mama

I know you have heard this one before, but I will throw it out there anyway. Emotions Zap your energy and stress exhausts you. If you are always stressed out, it will seem like your workday is a never-ending ordeal. You will watch the clock, and you will be distracted from being more productive. Do your best to clear your head and just focus on work when at work. Try to enjoy the time spent there, focusing on what's happening at work. 

3. Focus on The Big Picture

Remember why you got the job in the first place? That's right! It was so you can take care of your family. It was just to see the big smile on your child’s face when they realize you can afford to get them the latest toy they wanted for Christmas.

Try to focus on the important things in your life that are possible because of the income derived from the job. 

4. Learn to LOL More

They say Laughter is food for the soul. I encourage you to try to find the humor in everything if you can. I have come to realize that life's hardships are typically easier to endure if you learn to laugh about them. So you think your job sucks, but I bet you it is a funny place to be if you think about it. 

5. Get organized

Having a more organized workspace will help you work efficiently, which leads to higher productivity. Various studies have found that lack of productivity is one of the top reasons named for not being happy at work. Use the various tools out there to get organized and watch your workdays get easier.