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5 Easy Ways to get free Instagram Followers Instantly

Eager to grow your Instagram following without access to a large social media marketing budget or expertise? Below are five easy ways to grow your Instagram following for free.

There are various, "not so honest" methods out there that one can use to grow their Instagram following. You could buy followers, Although I would strongly advise against that. You could also employ the use of bots, and again, I would not recommend doing so either.

After all, your ultimate goal, whether you are a business owner, an aspiring Instagram influencer, or simply trying to raise your online profile, growing a large-enough following of real users who are interested in what you have to say.

That being said, with some patience, hard work and imagination, you can grow your Instagram following without having to resort to any shady methods.

1. Use relevant trending hashtags

Hashtags are like little roadmaps to help folks who are searching for topics related to what you do find your stuff. Using the relevant hashtags will ensure that the content you put out is discovered by people who are interested in your brand messaging and who are more likely to follow you on Instagram.

2. Tag your location

Here is a great way to get discovered by as many people on Instagram as possible. I would advise that you add a location tag whenever elements of your posts are location-based. Tag the location of your business ( if applicable) and ask that your followers do the same.


3. Follow other notable users

In life, you get when you give. The same goes for Instagram and the whole social media experience. A sure bankable way to grow your Instagram following is by following others. Here you want to follow folks in your industry or at the very least, folks who's content is in some way relevant to yours. Follow only those with massive amounts of content and followers. They will follow you back and thus exposing your content to their followers as well.

4. Be Consistent

I don't need to tell you that consistency as one of the most overlooked pillars of success. Half of life is showing up, and I would add that you must show up and show up often. Success in social media marketing and building your Instagram following is no different.

Once you decide to try to build your following by posting engaging content, it is imperative to share fresh content on a predictably-consistent basis. Doing so will help keep your audience engaged while you find new ones.

5. Post Engaging Content

To piggyback on the previous point, sharing relevant, engaging content will go a long way to grow your Instagram following. Yes, posting consistently is super important but so is posting engaging content. There are rules to this, one of the most important ones is to post visually-pleasing content.

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