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4 Ways to Make the Universe Work in your Favor

Manage your Career

Human beings are hardwired to accomplish more, as time goes by. Winning is good for human development, self confidence and general happiness . The idea here is to grow in 2017, and to me, growing means making more money than 2016.

How do you make more money?  As an entrepreneur, Identify new products and services you can offer to open up a new stream of income, really pay attention and focus on developing that product or service throughout the year.  Aggressively market that service and eventually you will make money from said product or service.

If you work for a company, you have to realize, that the basic reason why companies set up businesses and hire people, is to make money.  So how can you make yourself more valuable to the company and therefore earn more?  One way is to save the company money.  How do you make a company save money?  Sometimes you can Identify waste and redundancy in a company’s process and create a formal typed up proposal on how to fix it and set up a time to present it to a person in authority.   

That formal typed up proposal shows that you are a serious person with ideas that can benefit the company.  Volunteer for new assignments and apply for promotions.  You have to ask for opportunities in this life, they are rarely ever given.

Manage your Mindset

Your mind is the most important organ in your body,  If your body was a car, your mind would be the engine.  The mind is the invisible entity that controls your body, your speech, your decisions.  It is so important to feed your mind positivity.  If you do nothing else, manage your mindset and you will change your world.  

So how do we hack our mind so that it contributes to our well being?  For starters, cut all negativity from your life, anything or anyone who does not contribute positively to your life should be kept at a distance for sometime.  Surround yourself with positive people who are successful, responsible and who accomplish things.  Watch the way they work and navigate the world, pick their brain, mirror them and you will see some changes in your life.  If you do not have such people in your life, look online, watch positive videos and read helpful books on maintaining positivity.

Manage negative self talk and self doubt, try to identify it when it happens, recognize that it is your mind trying to exert its negative influence on you, and you need to counter that saying no to that influence.

Manage Your Relationships

Everyone wants good relationships with their loved ones.  To have a good relationship you have to work on it.  I think we neglect our relationships by not actively participating in our relationships.  There are 3 fail proof ways of Improving your relationship with anyone. Human beings like to be heard, they like to know they are important and they are appreciated.  If you can actively work on that, your relationships will Improve in 2017.

Manage your Health

When you do not have good health, everything else suffers, your stress increases and therefore your mindset suffers.  Your performance at work is affected and therefore your earning capacity is diminished and your relationships are strained because no-one likes to see their loved ones in pain or sick.

Intuitively we all know what we need to do to maintain health.  You need to eat nutritious foods, small potions, drink water and exercise.  If you only do those 4 things, consistently, your body will respond. Manage your health by keeping your regimen simple, and approachable and your body will reward you with the energy you need to accomplish your goals in 2017.

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