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3 Tips to Help Improve Facebook Engagement.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

A high level of engagement will help determine the likelihood of success with your Facebook marketing strategy

For any Facebook marketing campaign to work, one has to be able to put out quality content. Your content should make folks in your target demographic want to click on your links and find out more about your offerings. In short, you should aspire for high engagement rates. Facebook engagement, as far as your content is concerned, matters a great deal for two main reasons: One, Higher engagement leads to your content being shared often, thus allowing a wider audience to see your posts.

Two, when your content is shared by a large number of accounts, this causes Facebook's system to deem your posts important, making your content reachable by other users in your target audience who might not necessarily be directly connected to your page. Also, with higher engagement rates among your Facebook followers come the likelihood that they, your audience will better, evaluate and buy any other paid products you might want to offer down the line.

3 Tips to Help Improve Facebook engagement

Video is always better

Based on the numbers, your posts are almost twice as likely to be seen and shared if they had a video as if they were in photo or text format. Live videos see the highest engagement rates of all, getting six times more interactions than regular video posts. When it comes to Facebook content, Video is always better. Experts recommend that you present your videos in a vertical format to allow full view on mobile devices.

Keep it brief

The "Less is more" principle is highly relevant when it comes to content created for the specific purpose of being shared on Facebook. Studies show that audiences will engage deeply with content that has clear, precise calls to action. Also, keep in mind that about 88% of Facebook users connect via a mobile device. Try to craft your message and overall content to be compatible with smaller screens.

Use Quality Images and Videos

It is no secret that we humans are visual creatures. We make most of our decisions, some very important ones, and as much as we hate to admit it, based mostly on aesthetics. Take advantage of most people's tendency to pick the beautiful over the not so much. Use high-quality photos and high-resolution videos with the content you share on Facebook.

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