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3 Resources for Free Stock Images for Commercial Use.

Basically, any kind of creative professional needs stock photos to do their jobs.

Source: Corbis

Graphic designers, Software development teams, Journalists and editors. Basically, any kind of creative professional needs stock photos to do their jobs. Quality stock photos are a truly an essential part of any visually-creative digital and print experience.

However, in the past, access to quality stock images came with a hefty price tag. Major players in the space like Corbis and Adobe have been charging astronomical rates for years, causing the production of aesthetically-satisfying / beautiful works to be reserved for the few, deep-pocketed graphic design houses out there.

The popularization and proliferation of the Internet and Mobile web has changed all that. Gone are the days when a graphic designer, or web developer had to shell-out thousands of Dollars to acquire a few quality photos. Today, there are various destinations out there offering inexpensive , and even free awesome stock photos.

Ones that can be used for commercial purposes.

Lets take a look at three of my favorites:

Shopify's Burst

Burst is a free service offered by the E-commerce platform giant, Shopify.

Although, Burst does not seem to have a large database of free stock photos, I have to be the first to say that I actually like using Burst from time to time as the photos offered are of exceptional quality and seem to have a certain modern and positive vibe about them.

Burst is a great tool to have in your back of tricks as a creative.

Wix Stock Photos

Some may not be aware of this, but Wix, the popular web design platform for do-it-yourselfers, besides having a set of dynamic web design tools, also has a huge database of quality stock photos and videos.

The company first introduced its free Stock photo portal, but has since evolved to become ( in my opinion), an invaluable source for affordable and even free stock photos and footage. The average stock photos goes for about $2.99 with stock videos going for about $14 a pop.


With more than 5 million downloads since it launched in 2013, Picjumbo is a popular free resource for social media images. Users can click through the different categories of over 2,000 free high resolution photos, or download a pack that includes all images and three Photoshop mockups (in exchange for a donation of $15 or more.)

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