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3 Major Benefits Of Social Media In Education

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Despite their recent missteps are still useful tools among young students.

A lot has been said about how bad social media is for young adults. Many notable personalities as well as various reputable media outlets have openly criticized the role social media plays in the lives of millennials and other young adults.

Social media is said to be one of the leading factors in how students process and retain information. Many apps like Facebook and Twitter have been labelled distractions in the lives of many college and high school students.

However, sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat offer numerous learning opportunities for young people. Social media provides an open platform for young people to freely express themselves and be as creative as they want to be. I believe that the younger generation's familiarity with technology will cause educators to come to do a complete overhaul on the way in which we choose to educate our kids in the future. Young people can help us try to find new ways to connect with generations to come.

So how does the use of social media benefit students?

Here are 3 ways in which social media actually provides value to young students.

1. Community

Young people today log onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Just to connect with other folks who share their common goals, views and experiences. They post videos and photos of themselves living life which in turn causes other young people to comment or share their content as well.

Young people have found a way to create a world of their own choosing via social media. A world in which they can be free from judgement and other factors they couldn't otherwise control.

2. Emotional Outlet

As adults we often scoff at how freely young students express themselves via social media. We are uncomfortable with this new way millennials choose to vent and "let it all out". I happen to think that the ability to engage in a 30 minute Youtube rant and have an epic Twitter battle is a good emotional outlet for young people.

Yes, it is a bit hard to watch sometimes, but I think it is important that the younger generation have a safe, judgement-free zone where they are absolutely free to address whatever is bothering them at any given time. It is of great value for younger folks to know that 25,000 people heard what you had to say. It tells young people that they have an audience even if the folks in their immediate lives have deserted that task.

3. Information

Students and young people share information on social media all day long. They give and receive information at a rapid rate, sharing videos, news articles, blog posts, etc.

The information they share goes beyond the silly videos we commonly associate with social media.

No, young folks share tips, tricks, DIY project information, information regarding school work, political opinions, books and many more. The one thing that I often find amazing is how freely we can all access information today, thanks to the internet. I can read as many books as I want for $9 on Kindle Unlimited. I can watch amazingly in-depth documentaries on YouTube. Social media helps young minds share vasts quantities of information in a secure comfortable way.

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