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Take Charge: Women and Political Leadership in Kenya

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Women and political leadership in Kenya has been quite challenging for many years now, but some light has started shining after our new constitution was implemented.   Despite the global advances recognizing the principle of women’s economic, political as well as social equality. 

Kenyan women have continued been marginalized in many areas especially when it comes to leadership as well as decision making. Studies have shown that women typically, bring a diversity of opinions and perspectives to the political discourse. Over the years, we have witnessed remarkably strides made by women in Politics, not just in Kenya but worldwide. From Christine Lagarde's  pristine leadership at the IMF or Angela Merkel's handling of the Syrian refugee crisis as it relates to Germany.

What has already emerged in the findings is that women politicians contribute more than men in many ways. The problem being  lack of critical mass of women in the political institutions being a major constraint for women, hence having a positive difference towards transforming male dominated culture of politics, resource allocation in a gender equitable manner and public policy.

This research acknowledges several challenges for Kenyan women  as their purpose in attempting to engage in political leadership.  However, the Kenyan woman have focused less strength on these challenges, but more strength in experiences, perceptions, visions, achievements as well as living in their leadership experiences that has shaped their leadership approaches throughout the years. 

For the Kenyan woman it is possible to make it to top leadership and politics, regardless of any challenge faced in the field. Let’s unite and make a total change in this sector. We have been having several women's leadership in the past. Women, let’s make it happen  your support, vote and your ideas can move the women’s community to the next level.  We have ever been united, let’s plan for the upcoming elections today and make sure we send as many women as possible to the parliament. As we all know, women have the most registered voters in Kenyan than men.

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